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The Health & Fitness Hub (HFH) is a unique health and wellness facility offering both Biokinetics services from our in house Biokineticist and Group Fitness classes. We also recently introduced our new Body Weight Fitness classes into the mix. Body weight fitness is also known as Calisthenics


Exercise classes are private or group based and provide a unique fitness experience that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. At the health & fitness hub we strive to provide you with an exceptional exercise experience that is easily accessible and good value for your well earned money.

In addition to these service we offer a variety of FREE educational exercise videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep you active and in tune with all your health and fitness needs. We also have a variety of articles in our blog section in which our exercise professional covers various topics.

Gino Alho Biokineticist

Biokinetics is the profession that understands exercise and how it can be used as 'medicine' to help you. At Gino Alho Biokineticist we offer exercise treatment / rehabilitation as a means to help you get back to the things you enjoy as well as your normal daily routine as soon as possible. The Biokinetics centre forms an integral part of the Health & Fitness Hub especially in those individuals who may be struggling with injuries or conditions that may be limiting them. Learn more about Biokinetics and find out how we differ from a physiotherapist


Take note that our in house Biokineticist has taken the necessary steps that is in accordance with the Biokinetics association of South Africa (BASA) to ensure a safer treatment enviroment.

Our Biokineticist is open to assist you

All Fitness, Calisthenics & Strength & Conditioning Classes have now resumed with strict rules in place to create a safe and hygienic exercise environment

Exercise is Medicine in Motion

Unique Group Fitness / Exercise Classes at HFH

Biokinetics Exercise Treatment Services

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Biokinetics services:

We charge medical aid rates.

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