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Biokinetics Healthcare Services Medicine in Motion

Exercise as a form of rehabilitation and medicine. Thorough Biokinetics evaluations to get to the root cause/s of your problem. Step by step guidance so that you can get back to the things you love to do. Healthcare that is accessible, affordable and of the highest quality.

2 Free Calisthenics & Fitness Sessions

We offer different training packages that all have unique benefits so that you get good value for money. We have our very own specialist to guide you every step of the way. Achieve your health and fitness goals while having fun at the same time.

Medical Aid Coverage

Our Biokinetics healthcare services can be claimed for through most medical aid schemes.

Health & Fitness

We Are Specialised in Unique Health and Wellness Methods

The Health & Fitness Hub (HFH) is a unique health and wellness facility offering both Biokinetics services from our in house Biokineticist and Group Fitness classes. We also recently introduced our new Body Weight Fitness classes into the mix. Body weight fitness is also known as Calisthenics

  • Value For Money
  • Proven Methods that work
  • Exceptional exercise experience
Our Services

Our Special Services For You

The Health & Fitness Hub (HFH) caters for a broad variety of people with unique needs and goals. Our Biokineticist can assist anyone struggling with injuires, chronic conditions and those who would like to be more injury resilient. In addition we offer fitness packages that are catered to each individual. We can assist you whether you are a newbie to exercise or a well conditioned athelete.


Our in house Biokineticist practices in the medical profession of Biokinetics. A wide variety of Biokinetics services are offered to assist in returning you to the activities you love.

Fitness Classes

We offer both private and group based exercise classes under the guidance of a exercise and fitness specialist. Packages are offered to provide a more holistic and individualized approach to your health and fitness.

Calisthenics (New)

Body weight fitness otherwise known as calisthenics. This is a new addition to our fitness classes that we offer.


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