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Orthopaedic Evaluation

This involves a thorough assessment of various injuries or conditions of the muscles, tendons, ligaments joints and bones that you may have. The evaluation process is specific to you and your unique complaint so that we can understand the root cause. Evaluations will generally include taking your medical history, flexibility testing with a goniometer, muscle strength testing with a unique BioFET device, special tests and a functional movement video analysis. The Findings and treatment plan will then be discussed with you.


Chronic Conditions Evaluation

This involves the thorough assessment of a specific chronic condition/s that you have been previously diagnosed with by a medical doctor. Conditions may include arthritis, diabetes (Type 1 or 2), high blood pressure, cancer, parkinsons and heart disease to name a few. The evaluation is tailored in accordance with your unique condition so that the treatment plan addresses your needs. These evaluations will include taking your medical history, flexibility testing, muscle testing and functional movement analysis. In addition assessing your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heart rate and the response of these components to exercise may be included in certain conditions to enhance your safety. The findings and treatment plan will then be discussed with you.

BioFET Muscle Testing

The BioFET is a specialized muscle strength testing device. This compact device allows us to comfortably assess a number of your muscles with exceptional accuracy and in a short space of time. This device makes muscle testing objective and allows us to identify muscle weaknesses and imbalances that occur with injury and with many chronic conditions. The device is a key component for testing those who take part in sport to ensure that the muscles are at the right level to return safely to sport following an injury (i.e. ACL injury). The device allows for in-depth reports to be generated and progress to be tracked over time to ensure effective exercise therapy.


Biokinetics Exercise Therapy Session

Once you have been evaluated an exercise therapy programme will be tailored to you to ensure optimal improvement and progression is made. The exercise programme presciption will take into consideration, your injury or condition, the training equipment available to you, your time available and your fitness level. Exercise programmes are then updated every 3-4 weeks so that you continuously improve and enjoy the process. Your exercise therapy programmes will be explained to you with demonstrations given to ensure that you understand what is required and how to perform each exercise with good technique. We suggest at least two sessions be performed under the guidance of the Biokineticist.

Body Composition Analysis

We use the skin-fold method and circumference measurements to determine how much body fat you have. The advantage of this method is that it allows us to determine fat loss at various places of the body and track your progress over time. The skin-folds measurement makes use of a caliper device to gently compress the skin at different sites of the body and determine your percentage body fat. Knowing how much body fat you have and where it is distributed is vital as excessive fat mass leaves you at risk of a variety of chronic diseases (i.e. heart disease). Using the body mass index (BMI) is not a good measure of health and that is why we utilize the methods mentioned.


Medical Aid Scheme Health & Wellness Evaluation

As Biokineticists we are trained in conducting the various medical aid health and wellness assessments that is offered with specific schemes. These evaluations are generally offered to each person twice in a year. Medical aids offer rewards and points for taking part in the evaluations and for the results achieved.