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Body Weight Fitness

Body weight fitness, otherwise known as Callisthenics. This is a greatly underestimated form of exercise which can be used to enhance your fitness holistically. We have our very own body weight fitness specialist to guide you every step of the way through your fitness journey.


Anyone can do Callisthenics

No matter your age, gender or fitness level, callisthenics can be the exercise method for you. Improve your muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and balance with our unique body weight programmes. Programmes consider your fitness levels and goals to ensure that you have a fun and challenging exercise experience.

Callisthenics strength skills

Challenge yourself and train towards unique body weight strength skills. Master the movement of your body through space


Callisthenics Training Packages

We offer different packages that all have unique benefits so that you get good value for money. Our programmes allow us to track your progress on your callisthenics journey. Programmes are customized to you and make use of unique pieces of equipment to a dd to the callisthenics experience.