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General FAQ's

We are medical professional concerned with enhancing each patients physical and health status. Above all, improving each individual patients quality of life is our goal.

This is done through patient-specific assessment and exercise prescription. Exercise treatment is used for patients with acute orthopedic injuries or chronic conditions that negatively affect your health. For example, chronic conditions can include high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer to name a few.

In addition, we provide exercise treatment as part of weight management programmes in patients who may be overweight. We are also actively involved with health promotion and the prevention of injury and hypokinetic (low physical activity levels) diseases. As a result, this encourages a positive shift in wellness behaviors.

We want to find the root cause of your complaint so that we can manage it effectively. We want to get you back to the things you enjoy whilst reducing your risk of injury or re-occurrence.

As a Biokineticist we do not deal with injuries in the beginning stages. That is to say, there is generally a certain degree of pain and swelling that is present. Physiotherapists provide you with initial treatment if you are struggling with these symptoms. Physiotherapists use manual therapy and other techniques to reduce your pain and swelling. After that, you can continue your treatment with us. Give us a call if you would like us to refer you to one of our trusted physiotherapists.

Biokineticists are exercise specialists who are focused with preventative healthcare (injury and disease), maintenance of physical abilities and final phase rehabilitation. Final phase rehabilitation refers to the period where exercise therapy forms the main component of your treatmnet.

In Biokinetics we do not use manual therapies such as massage, dry needling and joint manipulation. We rather use exercise treatment as our form of medicine.

Yes. Biokinetics services can be claimed through medical aid. Coverage depends on your medical schemes benefits or savings cover options. Check with your medical aid to ensure that funds are available and determine your annual maximums.

We charge private rates for all Biokinetics services. Therefore, if your medical aid does not cover the full cost of the services provided, you will be required to pay the residual amount. Biokinetics service claims can be put through medical aid as long as you have benefits or savings available.

If you have no medical aid or if your funds are depleted, services can be paid for with cash/card or via EFT.

No, a doctors referral is not required before you can see a Biokineticist

We work in close collaboration with other healthcare professionals. Most importantly, we provide a holistic approach to your healthcare.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can collectively discuss the best course of treatment.

Our facility is based in Centurion, South Africa.

Our main practice is based in celtisdal, near Mall @ Reds. In addition, our second practice recently opened at Blue Valley Golf & Country Estate.

We provide unique exercise sessions in the form of Calisthenics / Body Weight training. We may just be the only facility in Centurion to provide focused calisthenics classes.

Master the movement of your body through space while getting fit and strong at the same time. Learn more about our callisthenics classes.

Furthermore, we also offer both private and group-based exercise sessions. We provide functional exercise sessions to our clients. Functional training includes exercises that improve your various fitness components. Consequently you can better take on the demands of each day or sport that you may take part in. For instance, squats, pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, and deadlifts are functional.

I incorporate a variety of equipment in the classes such as resistance bands, suspension trainers, ropes and kettlebells. Therefore, this makes each exercise session interesting and challenging.

No, we do not offer classes that are strictly Pilates based. To clarify, we do incorporate Pilates based exercises into each of our programmes.

Yes children can certainly take part in an exercise porgramme. This is contrary to previous belief. Resistance training does not stunt a child's growth, nor does it damage their growth plates.

Current research indicates that an exercise programme can be safe, effective. In addition, there are multiple benefits to children and and adolescents. Resistance exercise should be correctly programmed. That is to say, it stresses good technique and is supervised by an exercise professional.

Benefits include:
1. Increased strength, power and speed.
2. Improved body composition.
3. Improved bone density and stronger bones.
4. Reduced risk of injury.

Yes we certainly do offer these programmes.
Your own unique health and fitness goals are all catered for in all our programmes. So if your goal is to lose a few kilograms, tone up, or reduce body fat, we can definitely help you.

We also offer unique benefits to each exercise package. We track your progress as you train with us. Our in house Biokineticists develops and guides each exercise class. As a result, this ensures good value for your money. Your target weight is reached in a progressive and safer manner with us.

Biokinetics Payment FAQ's

We are registered as a health care provider with all medical aids and this allows us to claim from your medical aid scheme.

Medical aids cover all Biokinetics services but it is important to check with your funds available with your scheme. It is important to check your annual maximums to ensure that benefits are available.

The extent of your cover will depend on your medical aid plan and savings / benefits available> if the full cost is not covered by medical aid, you will be required to pay the residual amount.

All Biokinetics services can be paid for with cash/card or via EFT payment.

If your payment does not go through medical aid, services can be paid for with cash/card or via EFT. We do not accept any cheques.