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Knee Pain

Part 1

Many people often have a common complaint of experiencing knee pain. Knee pain affects people of all ages and can be the result of many things. If you have experienced knee pain at any point in your life, this article series is for you.

Injury to various structures of the knee usually results in knee pain which can also be a common symptom experienced in chronic conditions such as arthritis and gout. There is good news, however. Most types of minor knee pain respond well to measures of self-care. Treating persistent knee pain with exercise is better in most cases. The last resort to avoid severe knee pain may be surgical repair. Let’s face it, who would want constant knee pain in their everyday lives.

The knee is very important

The knee is the largest joint in the body and essential for weight-bearing and key to walking, running and jumping. This joint is vulnerable to injury due to its exposure to a great deal of stress during everyday activities. Knee problems can result in a chain reaction of issues that eventually end up at the ankle, foot, hip and back.

Why should I see a Biokineticist?

The knee is a complex joint of the body exposed to large amounts of daily stress. Determining the cause and solution to fixing knee pain is not simple however your friendly Biokineticist is on hand to treat you. Biokineticists have in-depth knowledge about the human body and use employ this to evaluate your knee and determine the root cause of knee pain. We then prescribe a customised exercise programme as a treatment to heal the knee.

Pain or injury prevention

There can be drastic reductions in the risk of knee pain and injury. Biokineticists not only treat knee problems but also use exercise as a preventative proactive measure to “bulletproof” your body against injury. This is known as “prehab” and is an exercise treatment/therapy programme that is vital to your health. Prehab is used to reduce your injury risk or pain and can be beneficial preparation for surgery and enhances recovery time thereafter.


When should you see a Biokineticist

  • You are looking to become more injury resistant.

  • You have persistent knee pain.

  • You experience knee pain that comes and goes.

  • Your knee pain rating is 5 or less out of 10 (10= unbearable pain).

  • You have previously injured your knee.

  • You have a chronic knee condition (i.e. arthritis)

  • You have had knee surgery.

  • You are scheduled to have knee surgery.

NOTE: If your pain is severe we will refer you to one of our trusted physiotherapists.

Signs & Symptoms that may accompany knee pain

Knee pain is often accompanied by signs and symptoms depending on the underlying cause/problem and includes the following:

  • Clicking, locking, or grating of the knee,

  • Muscle weakness in the knee,

  • Stiffness and swelling in your knee,

  • Your knee feels warm to the touch,

  • Instability of the knee including being afraid to put weight on the affected leg

  • An inability to fully bend or straighten the knee

If you suffer from any of these, Request an appointment at the Health & Fitness Hub with our in house Biokineticist

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