Private, Group & Calisthenics Exercise Classes costs

The Health & Fitness Hub offers a variety of private and group fitness class packages. In addition we now also offer unique calisthenics / body weight fitness class packages. All packages provided include a variety of benefits to give you a unique exercise experience to better allow you to achieve your health and fitness goals. The cost of these classes depends on the package that you select. 

Biokinetics service costs

The cost of our Biokinetics services depends on the service rendered.

  • Biokinetics services can be paid for using medical aid benefits, EFT, or cash/card.

  • Discounted rates are provided when cash/card payments are made.

  • The Biokinetics practice charges medical aid rates which allows us to claim from all medical aids without any co-payments to you.

  • Biokinetics treatments can be claimed for with your medical aid benefits or savings so be sure to check if you still have these available.

Biokinetics Payment FAQ's

Which medical aids do we accept?

We are registered as a health care provider with all medical aids and this allows us to claim from your medical aid scheme

Does medical aid cover all Biokinetics services?

Medical aids cover all Biokinetics services but it is important to check with your funds available with your scheme. It is important to check your annual maximums to ensure that benefits are available. Services will be covered in full if you have funds or benefits available.

What if I dont have medical aid?

All Biokinetics services can be paid for with cash/card or via EFT payment. Cash/card payments are discounted and are lower than medical aid rates.

What payment options do you offer?

If your payment does not go through medical aid, services can be paid for with cash/card or via EFT. We do not accept any cheques.

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HFH classes:

Cost varies per package

Biokinetics services:

We charge medical aid rates.

Cash rate discount

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