What We Do


Our in house Biokineticist practices in the medical profession of Biokinetics. A wide variety of Biokinetics services are offered to assist in returning you to the activities you love. 

Fitness Classes

We offer both private and group based exercise classes under the guidance of a exercise and fitness specialist. Packages are offered to provide a more holistic and individualized approach to your health and fitness.

Calisthenics (New)

Body weight fitness otherwise known as calisthenics. This is a new addition to our fitness classes that we offer. 

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HFH classes:

Cost varies per package

Practice Location:

237 Grysvalk Walk, Celtisdal


Biokinetics services:

We charge medical aid rates.

Cash rate discount

Contact Details:

Email: ginobio.hfh@gmail.com

Bookings: 071 458 2944

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