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Gino Alho


Ever since I was young, I have always been physically active and took part in most sports such as rugby, cricket, golf, Judo and hockey. The sport I really excelled in was Judo where I went on to compete in numerous national championships and even became a South African Champion.

Judo being an exceptionally physical sport, it obviously came with many injuries with my most serious ones including a dislocated shoulder and broken elbow. Moments in my life that fed my hunger to get into the field of exercise therapy. Injuries that still give me hassles to this day and leave me to question whether I had received the right guidance and rehabilitation.

The process of becoming a strength and conditioning coach and a qualified Biokineticist has been a long but very fulfilling one. I began my journey all the way back in 2012 where my dream was always to work with athletes and get them into tip-top shape to compete at the highest level. My passion gradually transitioned as I qualified with a bachelors degree in Sports Science at the University of Pretoria with Cum laude. I had discovered that I could still work with athletes but with the use of Exercise Therapy in Biokinetics in order to get injured athletes back to competing.